Cockney Visit to Wales

Paul paddles a P&H Quest LV, which after his circumnavigation of Wales last year had seen better days. It’s been dispatched up to the P&H factory in Derby for refit/renovation work to make it ready for the trip. In the mean time Paul jumps on a train, well various trains and tubes and makes the trip out of the big smoke to the sticks of South Wales.

Paddles at Waterloo

As I’ve temporary use of the demo Cetus, Paul borrows the plastic Cappella and with such atrocious weather canning any idea of a trip we decide to at least try and get on the water and head over to Porthcawl for a spot of surfing.

Bit of a Mess at Rest

No Hawking at Rest Bay

A bit swelly out there

Paul at Rest

Sorting out foot rests at Rest Bay

Paul looking for his mars bar?

At Rest bay there are understandably no surfers as the surf is blown out. We decide to give it a try but as the tide is high up and on the rocks we quickly decide after punching out that mucking about in the fairly powerful soup is going to end up with a trashed composite boat so head on over to Coney Island.

Plenty of others out on a cold December morning

Surfers line up

Dull and dismal at the line up

Coney is  protected a bit from the south westerly but is fairly crowded with boarders as there is a consistent small swell running. We give the guys plenty of room and play around for a good few hours. No real paddling but at least we got out and had a bit of fun.

surfing at Rest Baysurfing at Rest Bay

surfing at Rest Bay

surfing at Rest Bay

Raining Again

Raining - again!

Surfing Cetus

To save me making a round driving trip to Derby, Liz at P&H had arranged for Chris Easterbrook to bring with him a loan Cetus. He was coming to Cardiff to give a talk at the Cardiff White Water Centre about his recent expedition to Papua Indonesia. Big thanks to him. 

I was looking forward to getting out on the water for a paddle in the composite boat, so gave Chris a call on the weekend to see if he fancied a short paddle trip along the coast. After paddling out past the surf Chris decided to stay on the shore and take photos while I had a little bit of a play in the soup. A trip would have to wait, for now I’d have to put up with a little bit of fun.

getting wet