Chasing Rainbows for First Paddle of the Year

The current spate of exceedingly poor weather meant that the normal New Years Day paddle didn’t happen this year, so I was eager to get out on the water for a paddle at the first opportunity.

Atlantic 75

Sunday morning training with the Atlantic 75 stationed at Atlantic College, St Donats

Not the best of weather today but at least there was a small window of opportunity. No one else available it was a short solo effort from St Donats, east along the coast to Penry Bay, just short of Limpert Bay at Aberthaw.

Gold at Tresillian

Rainbow ends at Tresillian Bay, hope of some better weather?

rainbow past Llantwit

Double pots of gold? at least the sun came out for a brief moment as I cleared the spit at Col Huw Point

Aberthaw Power Station

Thick mist starts to drop, obscuring the 150m chimney of the power station

A short trip but at least an opportunity to take the Cetus out for something other than surf. 7.5Nm round trip. 1 hour each way. Against tide but with the wind on the way out, but against both on the return as the tide turned at the turnaround point at Aberthaw. Averaging just over 3.5 knots in those conditions I was pleased with the way the boat performed.

Summerhouse Point

Summerhouse Point

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