We can’t remember the exact day it all began, but it was in the summer of 2006. It started as a passing comment about paddling from the local beach in South Wales we surf on over to the north coast of Devon.  (For a pint of fine west country fermented apple juice).

We had no experience of open water sea kayaking, all our kayak experience had been in the surf. Some of us were over 40 and others fast approaching, and I guess it could well be one of those things we only ever talked about doing. So a date was laid down as a challenge. We should aim to achieve the crossing within the year. We also decided to use our efforts to raise money for a local cause, and as we use Southerndown Beach predominantly, Southerndown Surf Lifesaving Club was nominated as a worthy cause. The aim of this site is to log our progress in trying to achieve it and to provide you with a method of making a donation to Southerndown Surf Lifesaving Club.

We have been busy training throughout the winter to gain the experience necessary to do this crossing in safety. Taking nearly 5hrs and over 7000 paddlestokes to cover the 25km across a busy shipping lane requires some incentive.

That is where you come in with your donation.




Thank you, in anticipation, for your support.


We completed the crossing on July 21st 2007. The trip ended up being 29km which we finished in 4hrs. To say the least we were all very pleased with this, in addition we managed to raise over £1000 for Southerndown Life Saving Club. If you still wish to make a donation to them, then please feel free to use the donation link above.

Beyond the Break Project


A big thanks to the following, without whose support this project would not be possible: