Transportation – Cetus HV

It was with great anticipation and excitement that I woke this morning to begin my long journey “up north” to the factory of P&H at West Hallam in Derbyshire. Here is where a small dedicated team of craftsmen crack the moulds to give birth to their hand made composite boats.

Simon and Geoff - creators of my trusty transport

I have it on good authority that this is most definitely not a Friday boat – it’s a Thursday boat. Not that it would make any difference. Had the pleasure of meeting Geoff and Simon at P&H who actually built my boat with their own (fair) hands.

The boat is a Cetus HV. It is slightly bigger in volume than the original Cetus, and has a newly modified version of the string and elastic skeg system. This particular version has a custom bulkhead not just to accommodate my unfeasibly short legs but also to mount the foot pump to. This equates to a larger volume of front hatch space and less cockpit space beyond my feet. Given the expected abuse a keel strip has been fitted. Foot pegs are glassed in Yakima variety.

The seat is a bit different it is the one normally fitted to the surf specific Delphin. It’s called a Connect seat. I came across it when I tried out the surf specific Delphin at the Storm Gathering in Anglesey last October, it was very comfortable and snug, so I asked if it was possible to fit it in the Cetus. P&H obliged and got one to fit.

I’ll be returning to look at the boat in more detail but for the moment I’m stroking it’s shiny gell coat and have my head in the hatches sniffing the smell of fresh fibreglass work.

It looks fantastic.

A big thanks To Liz and Pez at P&H for making it all happen, Thanks guys. I am so looking forward to getting out on the water in it.

Geoff, Pez and Simon with the newly birthed Cetus HV