Mini Expedition-Isle of Wight Circumnavigation

One of the things I love about sea kayaking is being able to pack it full of camping gear and head off for a few days escape. Being self sufficient like this for me brings about a sense of inner peace and I love it. The escape this weekend will be a two day overnighter to circumnavigate Britain’s largest island – The Isle of Wight.

It’s a challenging trip to do the 100km in a weekend, involving getting the tides right and at this time of year paddling a lot of it in the dark. It’s not all hard slog though, as you do get time to chill out while waiting for the tides to come right. Check out some of the photos and a few more words over on my regular blog.

Sunset on the south coast

Isle of Wight circumnavigation gps track

100km full circle over the weekend - fabulous