Man up to Man Flu

As luck would have it the recent bout of bad weather coincided nicely with a first dose of some nasty little virus that was being passed around these parts, consequently there hasn’t been much opportunity to get out on the water. After it passed with the help of some strong peaty northern gold brew, a week of respite and feeling great it came back for a second go. At the tail end of it and not feeling quite 100% it was debatable if an invitation to go paddling by a local paddler and blogger Stuart, was a good thing to accept. Cabin bound fever and a fair forecast for the morning together with the passing of aches and pains was to much for my weak mind. I succumbed to the fresh air, whether any of it would actually reach my air sacks would be another matter entirely.

A short trip from Llantwit Major to Dunraven Bay with a race against time to get around the fast flowing Nash Point turned out to be the offing. Have a read and look at the pics over here. Certainly was an entertaining trip.

Flat calm paddling - you think!