At Watershed we have a love/hate relationship with water. We love to spend lots of time in and on the water, but we hate to get our gear wet. This is why we design and construct fully-submersible, airtight drybags.

How do we do it? First of all, Watershed created and patented a waterproof closure system without equal. Think of a freezer bag closure amped-up to giant proportions. Easy to use, yet airtight, our closure is an elegantly simple alternative to cumbersome roll-down bags that fail when submerged or left in standing water.

Next, we worked with our suppliers to develop a fabric that would withstand years of abrasion, UV exposure, temperature extremes, and possible exposure to fuels and chemicals. We apply sheets of polyurethane film in layers to backpack-grade nylon, creating an air-holding fabric with exceptional wear and adhesion qualities.

Watershed also put years of raft building and repair experience into our seaming process. Radio frequency waves are applied to all seams under intense pressure, creating a fused bond that will never come undone.

And once we are done, each and every bag is inspected to ensure that it is 100% leak proof. Mil-spec webbing, hardware, and stitching complete the details. At Watershed we know that keeping critical gear dry can be a matter of survival, we understand protecting electronics and other expensive items from water and dust can save you money, and we feel that nothing gives better comfort and peace of mind during outdoor adventures than knowing that your gear is safely sealed in an airtight bag. So whether you’re kayaking, rafting, fishing, hunting, sailing, scuba diving, biking, cruising or just going to the beach, have fun, we’ve got you covered.

When Eurion and Paul contacted us about supplying them with one of our Grid iPad ZipDry bags we were immediately thrilled by their undertaking. We love exciting, we love adventurous, and we love those that want to do something to give back while accomplishing their dreams. All of this fits perfectly with Paul and Eurion’s Kayak around the UK adventure. We are always most excited about people using our products who really need our products, who fully understand the necessity and importance of having reliable, fully airtight gear. Best of luck from all of us here at Watershed to Eurion and Paul on their endeavour, and please go donate to their very worthy causes!!!!


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